The 21Grams Story

[heir·​loom] noun: something of special value handed down from one generation to another.

 21 Grams Leather Goods was founded on a simple premise: to take an everyday item and turn it into something you treasure.

How our story begins…

My work as a tattoo artist over the past 15 years has taken me all over the world. Out of the many places I’ve visited, I’ve found the most dangerous place to be is often in my own head.

So, when the pandemic hit in 2020 and I had to stay in and work from home for an unforeseeable time, I knew I was headed for trouble. As an artist, I can’t help but create. I decided to use this time to try something new and started experimenting with a cheap leather tool kit and some scrap leather in my garage. 

What started as a hobby and a way to save me from my thoughts quickly grew into a passion, and soon after, a business.

More than a simple leather wallet…

Edgy, timeless, and full of character, every one of our made-to-order items tells a unique story. At 21 Grams, all great stories begin the same way: with a simple piece of the highest quality leather.

Working closely with every customer to bring their vision to life, we combine artisan craftsmanship with art inspired by traditional tattoos and realistic portrait work. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece, high in practical and sentimental value, meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

We work with leather, but what we’re most passionate about are the people we get to meet along the way. Our community gives us life and we live to tell their stories, etched into a piece of leather.

We’re stoked to create something you will cherish forever.

What we stand for…

21 Grams Leather Goods is more than just a business to us.

It’s a way to connect with people and their stories in a time of disconnect. It’s getting to do what we love every day. It’s about creating a legacy for our future children and inspiring the next generation to keep traditional crafting techniques alive.

It’s both life-saving and life-changing. 

To give back, we raise awareness for mental health causes and do giveaways on [social media links] for mental health awareness month each May. Like carrying around a wallet, mental health is part of everyday life and something we believe affects everyone.

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